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SnowHow: The 2-day adventure for entrepreneurs to move and breathe

Snowhow 2018

Join us for the unmissable SnowHow 2018 – the 2-day winter adventure in for entrepreneurs to take their brains, hearts and minds on. A handful of the most interesting and exciting and purposeful business owners will get back to basics in the mountains in deepest winter to take their vision to new heights, unblock each other and collaborate in new ways. If your business is giving you cabin fever, bust out at SnowHow. The destination is a secret but it’s in the heart of winter in Europe….

Dates: Friday 12th – Saturday 13th January 2018
Cost: £475+VAT (includes transfers, food and accom and everything else OTHER than flights)
Transfers from Geneva airport at 0930 on Monday morning. We’ll show you which flights to choose from.
Why: SnowHow is an not-for-profit adventure run by 50th Generation in support of purpose-led entrepreneurs

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Sorry, WHAT is it again?

  • It’s mostly a secret so we can’t show you the mind-bending videos from last time BUT it’s a physical two days, mostly outdoors, going to some new ‘heights’ and using your legs, lungs and every other part of your body.
  • It doesn’t require any particular skill, it’s low tech and there are no annoying instructors ‘managing your experience’. It’s basically us, our guide and the mountain.
  • The two days is an alternative, wild, informal, zen learning adventure where our bodies teach our brain new things.
  • Fitness-wise … it’s harder than going on a long walk in the hills but not as hard as running a marathon. If you can run 5k or walk for a day in the peak district without keeling over, you have enough fitness.

What you’ll get in terms of actual learning and outcomes

  • Hmm, well there’s no powerpoint or handout if that’s what you were hoping for
  • This is a physical mountain adventure designed to fire up new parts of your brain. Switch off your commuter brain. Switch on your unconscious brain.
  • The two days is semi-structured with some inspiration along the way to help you make connections and solve problems you couldn’t figure out from your desk
  • You will probably also have some totally intense conversations about your business / product with successful entrepreneurs like @jackhubbard, @richardstobart, @cbedingfield

Book this trip if:

  • you want to go wild for two days and get headspace like you’ve never experienced it before
  • interesting, eccentric people feed your soul
  • you have a nice big jacket for very cold days
  • you’re willing to rough it to see and do things that will make your heart leap
  • you love ideas and you love collaborating
  • you love the outdoors and you’re up for a physical challenge

Don’t book this trip if:

  • you have a sense of humour failure in London when it rains and you’ve forgotten your umbrella
  • two showers a day is a minimum
  • you only like to travel with your rolly-rolly suitcase
  • you have an exciting hair-do that needs attention every morning
  • a work trip involves a white board and a big bar bill (and an agenda)
  • the sofa is your best friend and you have set up permanent camp in your comfort zone

And final thing (just in case you were wondering) – there is nothing that involves 1. going in an enclosed space 2. jumping off something high up or 3. doing anything technical on ice.

“SnowHow was an incredible, unmissable adventure. Without spoiling the surprise, expect to go to ‘new heights’ in unexpected ways!”
SnowHow-er from 2016

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Crowdfund an Entrepreneur Skill day

If you’re starting or running a business in its (relatively) early stages, there is lots of stuff you need to do – and lots you can do yourself with some simple skills.

50th Generation has opened a round of Entrepreneur Skill days which you can unlock by bidding on a day and encouraging others to do so. If you bid, you are obliged to pay if the day is unlocked.


Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs in One Day
Tuesday April 26th 2016 (London, nr Liverpool Street station)
£100 per person

CURRENT STATUS – locked (click to bid)

At 50th Generation we tell people to Make & Share stuff all the time. There are some great lo-cost / no-cost tools out there and with a bit of design knowledge, you can create strong communications quickly. We’ll show you how we do it, in one day.

  • Spend the morning understanding the principles of good design – including The 4 Laws of Layout and the current trends for space, simplicity and large scale.
  • Spend the afternoon learning the practical delivery of great design in your comms – web, social media, video, PDF plus a skim of what you need to know about the technicalities of image creation.
  • Entrepreneurs show you why, when and how they create amazing things quickly on their phone and what they put more effort into back in the office – and when to hire the pros.


Create a story video your start up in One Day
Tuesday May 3rd 2016 (London, nr Liverpool Street station)
£100 per person

CURRENT STATUS – locked (click to bid)

A video brings your business to life like no other medium. You don’t have to be Kathryn Bigelow or hire a film agency to create something moving or inspiring or credentialising or fun or….

  • Spend the morning understanding the principles of a great story film and starting to sketch out your ideas
  • Learn the techniques for filming lighting and filming people shots and interviews yourself.
  • Spend the afternoon honing your storyboard, testing it and practice-shooting parts of it.
  • Explore post production techniques – what you can do yourself and what it’s worth paying for.


Create a TEDx style talk to credentialise your start up in 1 day (AKA: articulate and inspiring value proposition!)
Tuesday May 10th 2016 (London, nr Liverpool Street station)
£100 per person

CURRENT STATUS – locked (click to bid)

Not everyone can or wants to speak at TEDx (though if you do, it’s probably more accessible than you think) but the process of creating a TEDx style talk is transformational and the resulting words and presentation can be used in many different ways.

  • Spend the morning getting under the skin of an inspirational talk or message like the TEDx style and starting to sketch our your storyboard
  • Spend the afternoon honing your talk, practicing delivering a message in a variety of scenarios (written, visual and verbal) and exploring quick ways to get that inspirational message to many people.


Finance for Entrepreneurs in One Day
Wed May 18th 2016 (London, nr Liverpool Street station)
£100 per person

CURRENT STATUS – locked (click to bid)

  • Spend the morning understanding the principles of running small business finance for lean start ups – from ‘beyond budgeting’ to cash management
  • Spend the afternoon learning the practical delivery of your finance admin that enables you to thrive without de-energising you – lean, low admin, automated, online, streamlined.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs give you their view on you want you absolutely must prioritise, what you shouldn’t attempt to do yourself and what start ups don’t need to worry about just yet.